Free Spins for Online Slots Can Be Worth Millions

If you love fruit machines and Las Vegas type slot games, then prepare yourself for the internet’s largest free spin giveaway the world has ever seen. If you’re looking to join an online casino in the near future, then you could be getting free spins worth millions.
Online casino registration bonuses are changing for the better, because almost 50 percent of casino websites are giving away free spins. New players are simply signing up to receive free credits for some serious online jackpots, in cases these prizes are worth millions.

The free spin bonus began around two years ago, with only a few casinos actively giving away slot machine credits. These free bonuses began to spread like wild fire, as more and more players signed up the freebies. The problem was that these first jackpots were very small, at only a few hundred pounds a time. This led to more and more people using their own money to fill the bank vaults of the vast casino prize pool.

The casino prize pool of any gaming website must pay out an average of 96% in winnings to lucky players. This eventually led to the steady growth of today’s mega jackpot slot machines, games that involve thousands of players in a payout frenzy worth millions to the lucky few.
Now here’s the cool trick, new players who sign up at online casinos are getting free spins to use on these mega slot games. So whilst regular players have been filling the prize pool, it only takes one lucky new sign up to win everything.

On average, casinos who give out free credits for online fruit machines offer around 50 free spins per new registration. Not only are the free spins worth around A15, but the associated progressive jackpots can reach close to a million if not beyond. It’s a winning situation for any new player regardless of the outcome, because their spinning combinations could access over 500 bonus features across multiple 5 reel displays that pay across 15 positions.

Free spins for online slots can be worth millions, so don’t leave your chance to the dogs. The internet’s biggest casino prize revolution is underway, and you really shouldn’t miss it. The average fruit machine player spends around A15 on a gambling machine, only to lose everything 75% of the time. The online casinos are paying you A15 for nothing, with the chance of perhaps winning over a million pounds.

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