The Numerous Changes in TV Programming Choices

Popular TV shows are constantly changing from what they have been in thepast. A decade or two ago primetime TV was filled with family sitcoms following the adventures of teenage boy dealing with stress of high school. Now the primetime television programming is home to a Criminal Defense Lawyer, a team of attractive medical students, a criminal forensic scientist tormented by a past case, and a hardened New York Detective. Programs featuring a likeable, intelligent, and daring character in a fast-paced job or life, like the Criminal Defense Attorney type, seem to be the most successful character to base a show around and have almost completely replaced the character of the teenage boy dealing with his first high school dance on primetime television.

An obvious change in television programming is the sudden explosion and obsession with reality television. Reality shows have become one of the main types of programming on TV. There are a variety of types of reality shows that have been created. Survival or adventure shows, dating shows, cooking shows, or shows following families. There is this popular curiosity surrounding watching what is presented as normal people in real situations and production companies have taken notice and cashed in on this curiosity. What isn’t made apparent to most viewers is that most of these real people in real situations are not as real as they are presented.

Another change in TV programming is the number and variety of sports that are broadcasted now. As professional athletes become more and more like celebrities in their status and their salaries, the amount of programming created around sports has increased exponentially. In the past, there might have been one football game on TV, now there are two afternoon games and a night game, and there are potentially two games on your TV during each of the afternoon games. Furthermore, a football game on TV is no longer just the game. They have created pre-shows and post-shows for football games and of course elaborate half time programming.

Though football seems to be the main sport to take advantage of the chance to create extra programming, other sports are also gracing the basic channels more often. Soccer, tennis, baseball, and basketball can all be found during their respective seasons on basic channels. If you start considering cable channels, the more obscure sports are being featured on the numerous sports only channels available, like bowling, archery, and rugby. There are even channels dedicated solely to college level athletics.

A more recent fad in television programming is surrounding talk shows, daytime as well as evening. Talk shows have been a pretty steady type of TV programming; however, how the hosts are chosen has definitely changed over time. Lately talk show hosts, either during the day or late night hosts, are being picked because of their celebrity status or work on another program. Furthermore, talk show hosts, like professional athletes, are rising to celebrity status. They are being featured on red carpets and being paid increasingly high salaries.

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