The Sport of Bocce Grabs National Spotlight

The sport of bocce recently grabbed the national spotlight via a popular commercial from one of the nation’s top retailers. The commercial itself is for a jean line they carry, but the buzz generated by the commercial is all about bocce.
Bocce Commercial

The commercial features a group of young people playing bocce against an older group. The play begins with the older players needing only one point to win the match. The young group has point, but a member of the senior team bocces (or hits) the ball out that has point. With one bocce ball left, a member from the young team has an opportunity to roll his ball in and score the point.
The player anxiously prepares for his shot while his team members look on. Finally, ready to roll, he gently tosses his ball toward the pollino. Unfortunately for him and his young teammates, the ball falls short and the senior team wins the match. The senior team congratulates each other as the young team smiles in defeat. Next, the young players leave the court through a door in a wooden fence that surrounds one side of the bocce court.

Bocce Buzz
The commercial created a lot of buzz around bocce. Many young people have never heard of the sport. The commercial left these potential players querying the search engines to see what the game was. As they perform their research into the sport, they are discovering that the long-established game fits their life style well. It is an inexpensive sport to enter, with bocce ball sets starting as low as $20. In addition, it is a social sport that promotes camaraderie and requires very little skill to begin playing.

The song featured in the commercial is also contributing to the buzz. It is a very catchy tune sang by an American singer that started her career in the 1960s. The song itself was recorded in 1969. The song, like the sport of bocce, has been around for a long time, but relatively unknown to younger generations.

Bocce is and always has been a great sport that people of all ages enjoy. However, the sport definitely has more popularity among older people than young. With a national commercial featuring hip young kids enjoying a game of bocce against an older opponent, the sport could be on the verge of getting a surge of young players as well as a much deserved popularity boost.

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